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Minnesota Opera Crossword Puzzle

Your favorite State for Opera and the Arts
MN Opera's 58th Season Opener "The abduction from the "
Opera " " (It's so serious)
Thing on stage
The Mikado’s three little maids made one
Eugene " " Opera by Tchaikovsky
Tune for two
Thrown to people on stage?
Background in theater?
Figaro portrayer, e.g.
Prima Donna
Showy Musical Passage
Vocal Style focusing on beauty of tone rather than power
Opera star's props?
Rapid fluctuation in pitch
Stick for conducting
Melancholy color or Police Opera
Great conductor
Dramatic lyric voice
1977 Stephen King Novel and Opera "The "
1 down conducts this
3 across's composer
Opera introductions
Opening to an aria
He had an amazing voice, but his acting was like a wet fish?
Rossini rags-to-riches opera
All singers together
Text for the Opera
This singer always got the "highest" grades
Female singing voice between contralto and soprano
From the top, in sheet music
21 across's solo
How singers acknowledge the applause (2 words)
Do-re-do-re-do-re-do-re-do, e.g.