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Alpha Phi Delta Puzzle

A brotherly word activity to enjoy during our period of "lockdown" in many places.
Pledge's handbook
Italian name of our National Flower
"The Chapter Pledge Book (or Pledge Register), is ____ by each chapter as a per- manent record of every Alpha Phi Delta pledge coming through that chapter."
Current National Vice President (2018-2020)
First National President (aka Grand Consul)
Our motto means: "___ do"
Last of our Founding Fathers to pass away (1980)
Keynote of Alpha Phi Delta
Abbreviation for a Fraternity President after he leaves office.
Abbreviated name of the most powerful committee in Alpha Phi Delta: The ____ Committee.
Our Motto
Tasty sounding Greek letter
District that extends furthest east.
Oldest active chapter currently (2019-20 school year)
The supreme Executive, Legislative and Judicial body of Alpha Phi Delta.
During the 1920s some of our National Conventions ended with a celebration on New Year's ___
Location of our third chapter
State (abbreviated) in which we had our Delta Tau Chapter at Roger Williams College (our only chapter in this state)
How many chapters does Alpha Phi Delta have in Vermont?
Abbreviation for school associated with Theta and Theta Beta chapters.
The bundle of birch rods on our coat of arms that are a symbol of state authority.
Chancellor at Syracuse University that met with our Founders to discuss Alpha Phi Delta being at Syracuse.
After Nicholas Frunzi transferred to Columbia University, Alpha Phi Delta's roster at Syracuse University consisted of ___ members.
Abbreviated for the title of a brother who leads a District
Every chapter in Alpha Phi Delta is located in what country? (abbreviated)
Part of the accoutrement of a pledge that is worn on the left lapel of a jacket or the left collar of a shirt.
From Delta Chapter thru Beta Eta Chapter, most of these chapters came to be by allowing local Italian fraternities to _____ with us.
National Magazine
One of two New England states that never had a chapter or colony of Alpha Phi Delta
Longest serving Kleos editor
Nickname for one of our members
On our Coat of Arms, the ___ is a symbol of Divine Guidance
Number of members a current chapter needs to be deemed active
Common title for Vice President for Undergraduate Affairs is ____ Chairman
Fraternity Poem: From a ____
Alumni Club associated with Manhattan
Chapter that was associated with Massachusetts Institute of Technology
A chapter not yet having school recognition is sometimes called an ____-campus chapter.
Saint in name of school associated with Beta Sigma and Beta Lambda Chapter
National Chaplain (last name)
In the old days, a member of our Fraternity would be called an "Alpha Phi ____"
Chapter at New York University's Washington Square campus (abbreviated)
The fee paid by chapters annually to the National Fraternity is called Chapter ______.
Fraternity song: ____ Fraternity
Southern most district
Current Chairman of the Alumni Coordinating Committee (VP Expansion)
One of our Fraternity's colors
Only Fraternity founder born in the USA
The scroll on our coat of arms is a symbol of ____ and time.
On our Coat of Arms the ___ is a symbol of Dominion.
Timely payment is the first act of _____
An alumni entities can be Associations or _____
Chapter at Stockton University, Gamma ___
Local Fraternity at Columbia University that became the Beta Chapter of Alpha Phi Delta: Sigma Gamma ____
Abbreviation of District that contains Epsilon Epsilon and Epsilon Gamma
University with eastern most chapter (active) of Alpha Phi Delta
Fraternity gathering held between June 30 and September 15 annually is called the National ____.
Brothers' handbook
State that contains our westernmost active chapter
It could mean "an extremely small amount" or our Chapter at Union College
Don't cry but the abbreviation of the names of two of our Chapters that were located in Boston would spell this tearful sound.
How often does Alpha Phi Delta elected a National President
If you were on Jeopardy and the answer was "This is the letter before Xi," your response might be "What's ___"
Our fraternal laws are found in our Constitution and _____
Bird on our Coat of Arms
The Fraternity Pin is worn over the _____.
Current National President (2018-2020)
Number of Founding Fathers
Chi and Epsilon Nu Chapters are both associated with what school? (abbreviated)
7th letter of the Greek alphabet
Item that is the highest point on our Shield
Our first chapter to be chartered in the State of Ohio.
Official song of Alpha Phi Delta: "Alpha Phi Delta ____"
Saint in name of school associated with Gamma Sigma Sigma and Beta Pi Chapter
Title held by Peter Sammartino (first editor of The Dokime) (abbreviated)
Alpha Chapter school (abbreviated)