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Priory Crossword#2

Yellow flower symbolic of Spring (8)
One of 118 on the Periodic Table (7)
An organised list of information in a publication (5)
Spidery House? (4)
To be watched at 27 Across (4)
Bull-signed star (6)
Following on (4)
In that place (5)
The third planet from the sun (5)
Used in golf (3)
They're dark blue! (5)
Mistakes (6)
Estimated Time of Arrival (3)
Pixar film featuring a character called Russell (2)
The Globe is one of these (7)
Repair (4)
Exercise in D1 (5)
Feathery filling for your warm jacket (4)
Doesn't stay (4)
Short father? (2)
Born in Shrewsbury in 1809 - 'House'hold name? (6)
Seventh largest country by area in the world (5)
Units of electric current (4)
Add notes (to a text) giving explanation or comment (8)
Physical or mental effort (8)
They're very orange! (6)
Not here (5)
Surname of 'BFG' writer
Scarce, uncommon (4)
Thrilled, overwhelmed with happiness (8)
Where Buddha lives (6)
Mathematical vampire? Count _______ (7)
First name of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' writer (5)
She lives in London - and other places (or palaces!) (5)
Doesn't subtract. Increases (4)
For your tea - or is it your face? (3)
Symbol for sodium (2)
Us! (2)