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History of Cheerleading

Tumbling skill that starts off most running tumbling passes
In a basket toss, the flyer has to _______ to the top
Who was on the cover of October 2019 magazine "Inside Cheerleading"
Company that designs and makes most uniforms
Team on the popular Netflix series, Cheer
Two strengths needed for cheerleading, physical and __________
Cheerleading is the _______ most dangerous sport
Where is the cheerleading capital of the US
A major competition held in Disney
The country with world record of largest pyramid
Person in stunt who holds the top persons feet and does a lot of the lifting
Lawrence ___________, created the first cheerleading camps
Cheerleading team with a popular Youtube series
The older NFL cheerleader
Term used for athletes who age out of high school but can still cheer on a senior team
Number of age divisions
Position of the athlete who is put in the air
In cheerleading, this consists of tumbling, stunting, jumping, and dancing
The birth of cheerleading was in 1898, who led this
What part of a routine causes the most injuries
NFL cheer squad that started off coed but is now all girl
Cheerleader with most followers on Instagram
A US president who was a cheerleader
Team division for athletes who are older than 18 can compete
Comes after a roundoff to practice getting power and connecting skills
Division for new and beginning cheerleaders
First NFL team with an official cheerleading team