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Bit of Santa Rosa High School History

Robert Ripley's favorite teacher
Blew clock off wall
Over 600 alumni attend this reunion
Biggest rival until 1958
Nickname of principal during 1942 strike
Created in 1988;donated more than $2M
Longtime wood shop teacher
Coached six NBL champs
Became world famous cartoonist
Writer of fight song
Mascot of long-time rival
Students went on strike over her 1942 dismissal
Principal became California Governor
Newest building named for him
1926 alumnus, led Ag Dept. for years
Students sing fight song during this season
Faculty did this in 1980
Movie made on campus in 1985
Created to honor female athletes
Music Building named for this secretary
Alum, principal after Duey
Longest serving principal
Name of mascot
Created scholarships