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The male seal is called a ___.
This sea creature makes the loudest sounds in the ocean and can be heard up to 500 miles away.
This sea creature is the only animal in which the male gives birth and cares for their young.
An orca whale travels is a ___.
This sea creature is very flatulent and the gasses that haven't escaped yet are held within their body cavity creating a great deal of buoyancy.
This sea creature uses tools like rocks to crack open shells of crabs and clams.
These sea creatures have existed for more than 650 million years.
This sea creature has three hearts and blue blood.
These sea creatures are all born male.
This sea creature can lift their bodies up off the sand and walk on all fours.
This type of whale has an oil-filled organ on their foreheads called a melon that can change shape.
This sea creature's tusks can grow up to 40 inches.
This sea creature's heart is in it's head.
This sea creature can change gender for mating.
This sea creature's teeth is in it's stomach.
This sea creature ranges in size from 4 inches to 1500 pounds.
This sea creature's body is 95% water.
These sea creatures sleep with one eye open so they can watch for predators.
This living sea creature has no head, heart, lungs or brain.
The female seal is called a ___.