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History CrossWord

agreement suggested by Henry Clay saying that Maine would be a free state and Missouri would be a slave state, so there would be an even balance of power in the Senate
accepted California as a free state, but put no slave limits on new territories
a system proposed by Alexander Hamilton to raise money for the Federal government through taxes, and to create a common currency for all the states
war hero who became the 7th President of the United States
one of the two current, major political parties that believes in fewer gun laws, employer based health care, and is pro-life
a political party created in the early 1970’s. It was the main political party from 1800-1824. It took some ideas from federalists and some from anti-federalists
agreement, signed in Belgium, between the US and Britain, which essentially ended the War of 1812, but did not change any existing border
slave who helped Lewis & Clark through Native American territory
French man who sold the Louisiana territory to Madison
an act that allowed 2 states above the slavery line to choose to be free states or slave states
forbade American ships from trading with all foreign countries
a political party that wanted to ratify the Constitution, wanted a strong federal defense, and was big business
first President of the United States
acquisition of territory that gave the US control of the Mississippi River and a huge chunk of land
Secretary of State who directed the Philadelphia Convention towards forming a new Constitution
the final battle in 1815, in which Jackson beat the British. His victory cemented his status as a hero, which led to his presidency in 1828
long water route which ran through the north coast of North America, from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean
explorers who went on an expedition to study Native land
Washington’s Vice President, who proposed the XYZ Affair
a political party that believed everyone should have a vote, they supported central authority, and supported agriculture
one of the two current, major political parties that believes in climate change, universal healthcare, and is pro-choice