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Business Ethics: Learning Module 2

The study of phenomena moving through time.
A formal pattern of relations that links people to accomplish a goal.
Structures and processes in society that authoritatively make and apply policies and rules.
An economic philosophy that rejects government intervention in markets.
Entities in a relationship with the corporation in which the effects on them, the corporation, or both are less significant and pressing.
A political pattern, recurrent in world history, in which common people who feel oppressed or disadvantage seek to take power from a ruling elite seen as thwarting fulfillment of the collective welfare.
Actions taken by managers to adapt a company to changes in its market and sociopolitical environments.
A bundle of values that creates a particular view of the world.
A network of human relations composed of ideas, institutions, and material things.
The economy that emerges when people move beyond subsistence production to production for trade, and markets take on a more central role.
Entities in a relationship with the corporation in which they, the corporation, or both are affected immediately, continuously, and powerfully.
Profit-making activity that provides products and services to satisfy human needs.
A market economy in which the dominant businesses are large firms run by salaried managers, not smaller firms run by owner-entrepreneurs.
Tangible artifacts of a society that shape and are shaped by ideas and institutions.
An entity that is benefitted or burdened by the actions of a corporation or whose actions may benefit or burden the corporation.
An economic ideology with a bundle of values including private ownership of means of production, the profit motive, free competition, and limited government restraint in markets.
An underlying agreement between business and society on basic duties and responsibilities business must carry out to retain public support. It may be reflected in laws and regulations.
A statement or vision that creates insight by describing patterns or relationships in a diffuse subject matter.
An enduring belief about which fundamental life choices are correct.
An intangible object of thought.