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Bird Brain?

Conspicuous ring of feathers around many owl's eyes
Larger version of #23
A bird's feathers, collectively
The largest member of the Corvid family in Ontario, short form
A group of AMCRs
My original name is now considered politically incorrect towards our First Nations people, so they changed it to this
Back of the neck
We have one type of this bird in Ontario, and their heart beats over 1200 times per minute!
Once known as the Marsh Hawk
Whether they are Canadian or American, the name stays the same!
R2D2 bird
The "migratory turd", "Turdus" actually means "Thrush"
All of the waste that comes out, exits here
My feather colour isn't because of sexual selection, it's due to my fondness for shrimp!
Brown-headed Cowbirds are an example of this kind of lousy parent
Bird with the longest migration route in the world
YouTube videos show these tall birds eating gophers, instead of the usual fish and frogs
The Genus formerly known as Dendroica
The fastest animal on the planet, as a 4 letter acronym
Known to hunters as the "ribeye of the sky"
NOT a Partridge!
Casual name for the ducks that "tip up their butts" to feed
Friendly yellow bird who talked to a grump in a trash can
The study of birds
The central shaft of a feather
Four letter acronym for the raptor we saw at Trapper Gord's
Smaller of our two common, nearly identical Woodpeckers
Groups of smaller feathers on the wings
A migrating group of raptors, like BWHAs
Top of the cranium on a bird