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Gone to the dogs

Let's test your knowledge of dogs (and a few other things!)
Cavoodle alternate
WoW, for one
Japanese pup
To dog it
Fat feet
Brown fox hurdle
In __ market the Bourgeoisie control the means of production
Perros and gatos article
It can be complimentary
Saint Bernard alternate? (plural)
"___ bite"
Black and white Newfoundland
Partner of shock
Father of III
Detox center
Miracle on ice chant
Opposite of outcrossed
KY neighbor
Drawing even with
Dominant agouti allele
Soccer's Hamm
Garfield canine
Type of bran or meal
Belt it out, like a New Guinea dog
Teddy Roosevelt, for one
Sunshine band lead
With AL, MLB
Lode load
Basenji repub.
Yorkiechi alternate
Rough, smooth or Scotch
Hungarian breed (plural)
This, that or the other
Evidence of dog accident
Kidney or heart
Rescue dog cast as Tramp
Andy Griffith town
One who accepts a contract
Hammer part
Opposite of haws
Timmy's dog
Gmail alternative
____ whim
Spanish trill diagraph
Aussie dog
Portugese or St. John's dog type
Video cable
Darwin's bark
Type of dog likely to lose
Dilute coat color
Have a dog ___ the hunt
A production of cookies
Dorothy's dog
Palindromic Sigur Rós album
Extreme anger
US registry
Elton John title
Innate personality
Type of cola or car