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The Mind of a Teenager

One of two sets of vowels of uncertain pronunciation in Old Japanese
-orial prefix.
.sdrawkcab rekniht rouY
"We learn the ___ of life by untying its knots."
Hola ___!; abbr.
I'm about to rip my hair out.
Casted over a large amount of things?
Not from a cow, rather spoken softly.
Alone, was the prefix to -late.
Unit of electrical resistance.
From a galaxy far far away.
My father when he sings.
Aladdin's preferred mode of transportation.
The location identifier for Gatwick Airport.
Either a confusing math function, or a frog sat on it.
The 17th letter of the greek alphabet; plural
To have the same opinion.
A tree of subtropical South and Southeast Asia
Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies; abbr.
Maybe later.
"Do you remember? The 21st night of____"; brief.
Famous space corporation.
AirPods don't have these.
A person who eyes.
___ Zedong
Another word for sick.
This dove cries.
Are they in your body or in the ocean?
Ventricular Assist Device; abbr.
Mens ___; the mental element of a person's intention to commit a crime.
An ancient Roman goddess whose cultus was associated with Mars
Popular movie directed by Michael Bay with Shia LaBeouf; but forget the "-ers"
Two score.
All Inclusive Trust Deed; abbr.
The Royal Dutch Football Association.
Pink ___; Popular English rock band from the 70's, 80's and 90's.
Mother of Zeus, could also be a large ostrich-like bird.
A four letter continent.
Going around the sun or chewing gum?
Trunk of the human body.
Rounded silverware.
University of East Anglia; abbr.
To deliberately avoid using.
A popular high school club.
A word that can be another just by just using an apostrophe.
Omg! Did you see the game last night? Talk About The Falcons; abbr.
A tiny island country in Micronesia.
The opposite of differentiation.
English film director and cinematographer, Nicolas Jack ___.
A name for boys of Middle English origin meaning "stream" or "brook".
An L.A. baseball player.
Anatomy or instrument?
Thomas Edison learned to harness it.
Floating shipwreck.
A closed vessel made up of straw or bamboo.
Sounds like "air".
A double reed woodwind.
Jesus says no to these!
A large recess in the ceiling of a church, usually over the alter.
Not black, not white, but...
Literally 14 across.
An abbreviation to do something quickly.
Radian or degree?
Things won from competitions.
Town in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
See 69 across and substitute for an extra "L" to make a male name.
Having an oval outline or ovoid shape.
Weightlifters like to pump these; plural.
Pier Luigi ___; Italian engineer and architect who is known for for his innovative use of reinforced concrete.
Viola da ___;
A tube made of fur or other warm material for your hands.
You laugh out loud; teenage version.
American rapper Brian Vaughn Bradley, Jr.
Twinkle twinkle.
Right Inguinal Hernia; abbr.
Singer-songwriter Tahliah Debrett Barnett.