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American History Trivia Fun!!!

What did Vasco de Gama use to make a massive profit in Portugal?
Which territory did England receive in the Treaty of Paris?
Which group held the most exalted position in Mexican society?
In an effort to generate income for England, in 1764, George Greenville initiated the ...?
How did the Boston Church punish Anne Hutchinson?
What major factor contributed to the high mortality rate of the Englishmen who made the first voyage to the new colonies?
Which state passed gradual emancipation laws in 1780?
Most Puritans who settled in Massachusetts Bay colony were either farmers or...
Where was Columbus headed originally?
The slave labor system that was introduced to the Chesapeake was "exported" from...?
In the 18th century, the majority of immigrants coming to America were Scots-Irish or...?
Which colony failed to send a delegate to the first Continental Congress in Philadelphia?
Where did Christopher Columbus arrive?
What was 17th century New England's biggest export?
Finish this proverb: "if you want to learn how to pray, go to..."