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History Crossword

Party created to oppose Andrew Jackson.
A journey where many Indians died.
Cherokee Indian that created a written alphabet for his people.
Was nicknamed "Old Hickory"
Passed by Congress in 1830.
The idea of a state declaring a federal law illegal.
Nominated by the Democrats in 1840.
Most costly battle the US government had fought to gain Indian lands.
Jackson and his supporters created this party.
private meeting
A president. Had great plans for improving nation but it was opposed by many.
Chosen by Whigs to run for President.
to withdraw
Indian tribe that won a law suite against one of the nation's best lawyers, William Wirt.
Artist of the American frontier
The practice of giving jobs to loyal supporters.
Native Americans, most African Americans, and ______ did not have the right to vote.
Vice president during Andrew Jackson's term as president.
the right to vote
Creek warrior that fought against the US government in the Seminole War.