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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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All The Crossworld's a Stage

Samuel Beckett's characters in urns
Rival of Hutu
Post-modern, for one
Elton John and Tim Rice musical
Shurtliff's career height of President of Grateful Dead Productions (3 words)
Big screen
Joe, Lindsay playwrights (2 words)
AJ Pinkerton's gravestone to Mark and Dodger (2 words)
The _____ Suspects
State Street Corp (NYSE)
Thomas More's book plural
Fashion district
Typical fare at 54 Below
___light by Patrick Hamilton
Shakespeare's plays had five
Uniform Resource Locator, for short
Modern Japanese acting method
George M. _____
Dutch cultural anthropologist
Former UCLA professor's Star Trek role
Lil ___ X
Russian ruler
Return of Assets, for short
Technology haters
Sparkling white Italian wine
Young lion like Simba
Microsoft Excel programming language, for short
Alex Haley mini series
Theatre ninjas slang term
Guthrie Theatre exit from stage
A long record (2 words)
Giving the award to "Moonlight"
Live your life online (accronym)
Copper mono-sulfide, for short
Theatre Mu ousted Artistic Director
Scenic wall element
The Outer _____
___ Magdalena, Mexico
Dames at Sea plural
Carroll O'Connor alma mater
Group of Thespians
Agave tells her fellow Bacchants to uproot the tree in which this occurs
International Drug Political Unit (accronym)
The ending of all Shakespeare plays
Parks and ___ (abbr.)
Paul Bunion's weapon
Jarry, Alfred title, play
American software development company
Mary Anne Carter's granting organization
Rosalind's love interest
Chinese language
A small Eurasian willow
Hungarian athlete Ibolya
To eat
Capital of Ghana
Dramatic performances
Deductions exceeding income
Seurat and Picasso
Suessical's Vlad Valdicoff
______ Dan
13 Across's publisher
Lighting company out of WI
Small amount
Record material
Repetitive title word in play by Harvey Fierstein
Singular limelight
Old Time Radio Researchers
30 minutes before curtain
US Representative for New York
Shaquille O'Neal alma mater
Electronics supply company in New Jersey