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Film Noir

KNIVES OUT director's high school-set noir
Window treatment used in classic noir mise-en-scene (2 words)
A European visual aesthetic that heavily influenced noir (2 words)
Ridley Scott's "tech-noir" film set in a futuristic L.A. starring Harrison Ford (2 words)
Literary noir, or how to cook an egg? (2 words)
Orson Welles starred in a radio series based on the early adventures of his character in this film (3 words)
A bird of prey, and the McGuffin in an early film noir classic
The occupation of many a film noir leading man
A crime fiction writer who penned THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE, MILDRED PIERCE, and DOUBLE INDEMNITY (3 words)
This hit Tarantino film allowed neo-noir to extend itself into the nineties (2 words)
Philadelphia-set noir from Brian DePalma (2 words)
She played pregnant police chief in Coens' icy noir (2 words)
A Raymond Chandler creation portrayed by Bogart, among others, on screen (2 words)
Barbara Stanwyck, Lana Turner, and Rita Hayworth all played this film noir staple character (2 words)
A gumshoe's hat of choice