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Animals #MuseumGames #Crossword April 12

Join us weekly for the #MuseumGames #Crossword. Go to Akron Art Museum for the participating museum. 
Not spat X
Akron Art Museum's watcher.
These social sea creatures are sometimes called canaries of the sea. Check out more at the Shedd Acquarium.
One in the herd in Akron Art Museum's watercolor.
Ingredient in the making of Yellow Paper. Check out the Metropolitan Museum of Art for more.
This animal is "bad luck for the Axis."
Turtle's Landloving friend. X
Bus X
Not parchment. X
Not a horn X
What is the nickname of the world’s largest and oldest Tyrannosaurus rex?
Fly-in to the Eastern Broadleaf Forest at the Holden Arboretum.
Big or Early
A long-tailed, often colorful, New World parrot.
N.C. Wyeth's media from Delaware art museum
Bivalve X
Baldessari's blue bird. Hammer
Starter for fish or light. X
Conrad Ruiz's 2009 watercolor "Overload," shown at BAMPFA in 2018 features Barack
The greatest mascot in college sports, representing the Georgia Museum of Art’s home institution.
Although Alfred Bryan Wall painted some portraits, he became known for creating quiet, pastoral scenes which usually included this animal, ____________.
The young Michelangelo studied its scales to create convincing demons for his first known painting.
Night bird. X
Bald or Eyed X
Animal in the 1975 Pink Panther movie, "It's Pink, but is it---?"
One of the creatures in Getty's work.
Known for its strength and smarts, a work animal sometimes named Sal.
Not ate X
The name of the beloved dog belonging to the American portrait painter Thomas Sully and his wife Sarah.
The name of the bear who was the inspiration for Winnie the Pooh (also a Canadian city).
Before so or not X
Hours before the Nazis marched into Paris in June 1940, the creators of this famous character fled on bicycles, carrying drawings for their children’s stories including one about a mischievous monkey.
One of the creatures in Getty's work.
Not Eat X
Watery high-fiver X
Not yes. X
Red dye X
This animal featured in Julie Oakes, "Three Canadian Artists Reflect on the Natural World" is frequently seen in the densely populated state where it was shown in 2016
Lady liberty is made in this technique, in this Peabody Essex Museum work.
Not no. X
Benjamin Franklin's suggestion for national bird. X
This type of forest is the site of Old World Wisconsin.
St. Margaret of Antioch is often depicted with what mythical creature? Legend states that she was devoured whole by this creature before she escaped by cutting herself out of its stomach.
Chewed stuff X
Not frog X
Source of ivory X
The noble forest creature depicted on this dish is also Fairfield University’s mascot!
Not sit X
Type of shell atop the handle of NEW YORK YACHT CLUB's pitcher, now in the New-York Historical Society.
Harbor and grey. X