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Bird Remedy, RLG style

This colorful fruit-eater is a natural at aiding forest regeneration at RLG
Come diving for insects with me in the Santa Rosa River!
The montane rainforest of RLG, en espanol por favor
Favorite food of many birds visiting RLG's feeders
Three species of this gallinaceous bird occur at RLG and some may be seen near the Guest House
I'm keeping an eye on you, over my shoulder!
An RLG trail is named after this puffbird
You might hear tapaculos scratching around in this on the forest floor
Nectar "robbers" of RLG
The Choco biogeographic zone where RLG is located has a lot of these
With 20 down, exclamation upon finding a bird in your binocs
A sugary drink for the birds
This hummingbird's Latin species name means "adorned with a neck collar"
Its nest resembles a clay oven, but this one is not for cooking
The "yumbo birds" of the Choco biogeographic zone
Tenacious defender of "his" feeder at RLG
Funny acronym for partner of a birder
A group of birds of tremendous variety and color, of which many can be found in the Andes
Dueting songbird of the dense underbrush, more often heard than seen at RLG
Is that a tree stump or a ...?
Wears white boots
RLG namesake
Favorite activity of many an RLG visitor
Also known as the "clock bird" (think tail!)
Goes with 24 across
Prefix to type and tone, with relevance to RLG
There's beautiful, then there's turqoise...
Fleshy covering at base of upper beak in some birds