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Past and Present Technology

Big shot tech company
Maryland anime convention
Type of loop in Java
Mobile food preservation app
Police or cardiac e.g.
Logical Operator found in programming
My father's way of listening to music
ADP scheduling software
Software development framework Abbr.
Restaurant management technique Abbr.
"Proud" astrological sign
A hundred million years to Spock
Shopping or cards e.g.
Database company's command for datetime function
To remove blame
Could be a day; could be a test e.g.
Identity protection company Abbr.
Delphi's former name
Get rid of it
Volunteer group at school
Hawaiian condiment
Do this with a watch
Plural between a sofa and a couch
Created by emissions
Cartoon reviewer on YouTube
My mom's way of watching movies
Organization for cognitive studies Abbr.
Little known headphone makers
Calculus limits trick Abbr.
Time travel?
Keanu Reeves role
Place a French bet
Tom Nook and Isabella's mobile game Abbr.
User References to objects in programming
Latin for near
Result of a snafu
A rod
The best of the best
A Spanish Iris
Handbag maker
Group advancing U.S. past founded in 1907 Abbr.
A French grapevine
Japanese transportation organization Abbr.
Indian enclosure to capture a trunk?
Client-server for inter-domain routing Abbr.
Taking it to the highest degree
Multiple Spanish dances
Boolean symbols for true
Amazon AWS resource Abbr.
Film in a dark room?
Ladies' fingers?
Space or educational group Abbr.
Genus of internal parasites
Homer's exclamation
They're like onions
Measurement of energy
Entertainment packages come in the form of these
Computer munch
Outdated Java application
To ask for a handout
Branded new parts for cars
A corresponding part or segment
Alternative spelling of aggravation
Questioning texting acronym
Musical evaluation
Weekend cowboys or informal salutations
Spoken sound
Secure internet heading
Blending to become one
Informally fired
Batman's blow
Prominent Italian oil company
Noodle lovers group Abbr.
My father or a fantasy game?
Conjunction used in poetry