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Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus: Mrs. Frasz
When sailors overthrow their captain and take over the ship
Islands off the coast of Africa where Columbus stopped for repairs and supplies
One of Columbus's ships
Port Columbus sailed from in August 1492
What Columbus called the natives of America
Columbus thought by sailing _____ he could reach the East
Puerto _____
Columbus's birthplace
Fourteen-hundred and ninety-
Queen of Spain
Island where Columbus first touched land in America
One of Columbus's ships
Is land of the West Indies discovered by Columbus
Country that is part of Hispaniola
Old name for Japan
Columbus made four _____ to America
The occupation of Columbus's father.
One of Columbus's ships (two words)
King of Spain
Old name for China
Columbus discovered a _____ world
What the Atlantic Ocean used to be called
Group of Islands were Columbus landed in the New World