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Earth's Living History

Small sea animals without backbones that resembled modern day clams
The preserved remains or traces of a living thing
Formed as plant material is gradually replaced by minerals such as quartz
These mammals once lived in North America. They ate bark and leaves stripped from trees with their long claws
Formed if a mold is filled with mud that hardens
Hardened tree resin that may contain preserved insects or parts of insects
Examples of trace fossils that are left behind from animals that were passing through an area
These animals have changed a lot over time. They started out a jawless creatures, and later developed heavy armor plates that covered their bodies.
A scientist who studies fossils
A hollow space left when something presses into soft mud
These animals lived during the ice age and are related to modern day elephants
Group of animals with exoskeletons and three body segments. Theses are commonly found in Ohio and many can be observed at Caesar Creek State Park
Small sea animals without backbones that lived in small groups that fed on tiny organisms that floated in the water
These trees have been around for at least 420 million years, and are sometimes called living fossils