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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Our Star, the Sun & Day and Night

A lobe is located here.
Home for birds
It melts in spring.
Earth's imaginary axis runs through the North and South __.
Our sun is a ___- sized star.
Pick up your room; it's a __!
__ of Earth always faces the Sun. (a fraction)
Earth does this on its axis.
Our star is a ball of hot __.
It is __ when the Sun is not facing the Earth.
What gives us energy that is in space?
Father's sister is this
Most of the Earth is land or water?
Rodent larger than a mouse
Darkness or night follows this time of day.
The sun appears large because it is ___ to Earth.
50 or 100 meter __ or race
The early start of day
Water vapor that you sometimes have to drive or walk through in the morning.
Stars seem to wink or __. ( __ __ little star how I wonder what you are!)
Another word for rotate
Earth makes one complete rotation approximately every 24 __.
When the Sun faces the Earth, it is __ in that location.
One, __ buckle my shoe