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LBJ National Historical Park Crossword #1

Nickname for President Johnson's Jetstar
Type of cattle that LBJ preferred
Mrs. Johnson's nickname
LBJ's LEAST favorite color
In what town is President Johnson's grandparent's Settlement located?
How many acres of land on the LBJ Ranch are owned by NPS?
LBJ's agenda to end poverty and injustice; "The _____ Society"
Town President Johnson was born in
Predisent Johnson's Mother's name
Medal awarded to LBJ for his service in World War 2
How did President Johnson have famous visitors leave their mark at the ranch?
How many years has LBJNHP been a designated National Historical Park?
In the order of presidents, what number was Johnson?
LBJ's Vice-President's last name
In what area of the park can you find cows AND goats
LBJ's astrological sign
Where did LBJ first attend school?
River that splits LBJ National and State Park
LBJ's first job
What percentage of LBJ's presidency was spent at the ranch?