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Teacher: Bridget
These fats have one or more double bonds
These types of fats have no double bonds in the fatty acid chain
Negatively charged ion
Charged particle that is the result of an atom that has gained or lost an electron
Long chains of simple sugars that are as storage carbohydrates
Substances that when dissolved dissociate into a hydroxyl ion and a cation (NaOH ---> OH- + Na+)
Nucleic acid located inside the nucleus and carries our genetic code on structures called chromosomes
Altering the shape of a protein, which can in turn alter the function of the protein
Compound that is typically covalently bonded and includes carbon and hydrogen
A "simple sugar" that our cells use for energy
A substance is said to be this when the pH is less than 7.0
Type of bond that involves sharing of electrons from outer energy levels
Non-polar organic compounds that function in long term energy storage, structure, insulation, and hormone/vitamin production
Complex molecules made of chains of amino acids
The capacity to do work
A substance that when dissolved dissociates inton anions and cations
Two or more atoms joined by a chemical bond
An atomic variant
When an acid and base react together to form a salt and water
Type of bond due to a transfer of electrons
Dissolved material that is present in lesser amounts
Modified fats that contain a polar phosphate group in place of a fatty acid
Substances that when dissolved dissociate into hydrogen ions and a negative ion (HCL ---> Cl- + H+)
Type of compound that are generally bonded ionically and do not contain carbon (except for CO and CO2)
Liquid or gas in which another molecule is dissolved
Type of bond that is very weak but is important in causing molecules to fold into 3-D shapes
"water loving"
Nucleic acid found outside the nucleus that is involved in protein synthesis
A molecule composed of atoms of two or more different elements
A substance is said to be this if the pH is above 7.0
"water fearing"
Unique substance that can't be chemically broken down into simper substances
Positively charged ion
Anything occupying space and having mass
These elements are stable, and therefore chemically inactive
Nucleic acid that is involved in transfer of energy within a cell