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April 19, 2020 #MuseumGames #Crossword

#MuseumGames, posted every Sunday, is a partnership of many museums. Go to for the full list
Opposite of verso
Character archetype possessed of secret knowledge and a disregard for conventional behaviour, named Wi-sa-ke-cahk by the Cree, Nanabush by the Saulteaux, Inktome by the Dakota and Nakota, and Sagija'k by the Dene.
Receiever of printer's ink
During WWI, a political pressure group called the Anti-Saloon League published political cartoons to turn American sentiment against German ____ living in the U.S. & gain support for national alcohol Prohibition.
The Jessie Street Power Substation, which is now home to The Contemporary Jewish Museum, was damaged during this major disaster of April 18, 1906.
Benjamin Franklin created this musical instrument after seeing performers make music with glasses of water.
As an important figure in the _______ _________, Augusta Savage worked with other important leaders, writers, musicians, and artists to celebrate the contributions of African American culture to American society.
Not recto
The U.S. Air Force operates the Eastern Range, which is a historic 10,000 mile rocket testing range that begins at Cape ________ and extends through the south Atlantic to the Indian Ocean.
World-renowned Canadian architect or brilliantly coloured songbird
The figures in this painting by Winslow Homer are enjoying a quiet game of ______ in the countryside.
Pottery decorated with three or more colors
At first glance, this object may look only decorative, when in reality it is a _____.
In the sculpture “Flowers in a Vase,” Pablo Picasso modeled clay flowers using ___________ molds.
Art quilter Carole ___ or metal paper fasteners
A shepherd’s concern
Early animation device invented by English mathematician William George Horner in 1834
Cup or cheese
General George C. Marshall pushed this all-terrain vehicle into production during WWII.
After his stunning 1812 victory, Captain William Bainbridge commissioned this artist to paint his portrait. Unfortunately, they disagreed on the way the uniform was portrayed and eventually another artist was hired to finish.
Sculptural hanging
Wetlands where printmaker Victoria Hutson Huntley made images of bird life
Where was Frederick Savage who made merry-go-rounds born in 1828?
An early hire of Frank Lloyd Wright and the person largely responsible for his design drawing style, this female architect (first name) worked with her husband to design Melbourne's famed Capitol Theatre.
22nd Governor of New York State, lived in Jamestown NY
What league was a group of powerful trading towns and cities around the Baltic and North seas which included Kings Lynn?
Where baby places their head
What is the surname of the warrener who lived in part of what is now Ancient House in 1901?
American neo-conceptual artist Jenny Holzer created the installation called ________ in response to the intimidation of artists, teachers, and countless other citizens during the McCarthy Era.
Popular Hindu god worshipped as a remover of obstacles and bestower of good fortune, prosperity, and health. 
This renowned art museum and film center holds the world's largest collections of Hans Hofmann paintings, African American quilts, and 35mm Japanese film prints (outside of Japan). What is the acronym to abbreviate its name?
Patricia for short
Hard or crystal
Type of chocolate