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Yo, Adrian! How Well Do You Know ROCKY?

Stallone attended this college on an athletic scholarship (3 words)
Where to find a replacement for a punching bag (hyphen)
Breakfast of champions (2 words)
First date holiday for Rocky and Adrian
Rocky's pets: the Bullmastiff
Rocky's pets: the two turtles, or a single accessory for formal-wear
The only on-set meal that was served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner while shooting ROCKY
Pre-ROCKY fame, Sly Stallone worked in a cinema as this
Adrian's brother in real life (3 words)
Rocky's first on-screen spar partner (2 words)
Producers paid $50 for rights to use the exterior and living room of a house in this Philadelphia neighborhood for Rocky's home
The name of Rocky's long-time trainer (2 words)
The other boxing movie to win the Oscar for Best Picture (3 words)
The title character's nickname honors this real-life boxer
The number of steps leading up the Philadelphia Museum of Art entrance (hyphen)
Apollo's son
Screen actor who auditioned for the role of Adrian Pennino, but was considered "too pretty" for the part (2 words)
Actor who played Thunderlips in ROCKY III (2 words)
Sylvester Stallone was once part-owner of this restaurant chain (2 words)
Rocky's pets: the fish (2 words)