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Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Dog Days

Student: Cannon Kelly
What did the main character write in daily?
Why does the dad finish his job mowing the lawn?
Who is Trista's job?
What is the name of Greg's mean brother?
What does Greg hope to play while he is bored during the summer?
Why does always stay home?
Why does Rodrick pick on Greg?
Why does Tristia not like Greg
Who is Greg's best friend?
What season does the book take place in?
Why is Greg's B-Day present a weird phone?
Why does Greg's mom want to get Greg out of the house?
What did Greg do to get money?
What is his female friend's name?
Why is Greg's always get his way?
What is the main character's name?
Why does Greg not know what it is like outside?
What did Greg buy at the country club?
Why is Greg so lazy?
What brother is Greg in?
What grade is Greg in?
What is Greg's little brother's name?
Who is Greg's first costumer?
Why does Greg not have any plans?
Why did Rodrick tell Greg that a melon will grow in his stomach?