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At the History Center

A collection of historical handouts made of paper; usually advertising something or someone, usually tri-folded
The room where collections are shown at the Oneida County History Center
A type of unpublished book; handwritten; contains photos and memorabilia; plural
Items mainly consisting of words, numbered pages, and occasional images; usually bound and covered with dust jackets
A common type of research researchers enjoy involving their ancestors
A collection featuring a mix of letters, postcards, memorabilia, diaries, personal papers, etc.
The type of building Oneida County's history is stored in
A type of collection; The opposite of a photographic or "positive" print of an image; plural
A type of collection; Used for communication; Often postmarked with stamps, Usually includes photos of historical locations or local landmarks
A collection of visual materials with wide ranging subject matter; made of several material mediums; usually on canvas
Another visual collection; just one of these is worth a thousand words
Collections on display are called _____.
Where merchandise is usually sold in historical societies and museums
4 of these mark the Oneida County History Center's main front entrance
A paper collection featuring lots of lines, shapes, and colors; usually has a key or legend