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Earthquake Bird Chapters 7 & 8 Crossword Puzzle

What is over-enrichment of water?
The volcano in the Sundra Strait of Indonesia that exploded, creating islands that are used to study near island biogeography.
What is the most surprising adaptations in pollinators? (Two Words)
What order can beavers construct dams on streams?
The scientific name of the coconut. (Two Words)
Nonmigratory birds that pollinate a diverse selection of flowered shrubs and small trees in Western Australia.
Domesticated plant and animal package used by the Polynesians to develop an agricultural support system (Two Words)
The dwarf elephant of the island of Malta (Elephas falconer) was an example of what pattern of difference between distant island species and their mainland relatives.
Super continent in which New Zealand, Antarctica, Africa, Australia and South America were part of.
Small stones up to two inches in diameter which are swallowed by large birds which help their gizzards grind up food for digestion.
A collection of flightless, goose-like ducks with turtle-like beaks. (Hyphenated Word)
A rule of thumb in biogeography that the number of species on islands doubles for every ten-fold increase in an island's size. (Two Words)