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The Umbrella Academy

Tic ___
Breeding horse
Diego's weapons
Global reading advocate
Rising inflection
High-valent Ru
Failed EIDE drive specification
With all one's might
Gate between networks
Medical storage
Gate's fortune
Praiseworthy quality
Sea goddess
Jaw joint dysfunction
Functional unit of transcription and genetic regulation
Whole amount
Perceive by ear
Gastric scholar organization
"The ___ ___" by G. Way
___ Kho Trung
Protecting shelter
Stain to differentiate blood films
NYSE realty stock
Economic Development Administration
Manilow Grammy nomination
Norse frost giant
Menopause controller
Direct a course
Hall of Fame ___ Cormier
Two metrical feet
Conical sweet pepper
Abraham and concubine Agar's boy
Holier than ___
2,000 pounds
Agent Hazel's partner
Gamow's premordial substance
.com, .net, .___
Italian dessert
Atomic number 13
Subterranean cemetery
Survivability in a narrow temperature range
Sea urchin gonad
Caffeine free
Chinese poetry
Nuclear weapon prevention treaty
___ palm
Spanish kitchen shelf
New name for Corcoghlan diocese founded by St. Patrick
Garment Klaus borrows
2015 Lambda Literary Award finalist title
Paid bank of hours
Osmeridae family
Estate of pre-medieval or medieval Teutonic peoples
Giant ground sloth
Oral region
Back and forth
Black Death transporter
Fish filled with eggs
Capital of Karadag Khanate in 18th and 19th centuries
Spanish air, water, fire, or earth
Man in the middle
365 days
Disturbingly vivid
Inner organ membrane
Peripheral artery disease test
Dave's first responder
Cryogenic refrigerant abbreviated
The Honest Company founder Jessica ___
Lossy file format
Mild disappointment
Laws of war conflict
___, Larry and Curly