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Mark's Barks Crossword

A 1035 Exchange allows transfers that carryover original ___________
The author of Mark's Barks Blog & champion of ASG Webinar Series
Authorization needed to obtain medical records
________underwriting is a vital role of the writing agent
If you cannot perform two _________of daily living, you can collect LTC benefits
In order for a L.I. policy to be valid, an owner and beneficiary must have an _________________with the named insured
Recipient of Life Insurance Proceeds
Restoring a lapsed policy is known as this
An agreement used to indemnify business partners upon death
Longest Duration Available Term Policy :________ Years
Law signed on 12/20/19 making 10 year max for stretch IRA's to non spousal beneficiaries
Maximum crediting rate for an IUL policy
LTC benefits can be paid without receipts with an ___________ style definition
We can procure up to $5M of L.I. on a _____________basis
In addition to to 2 of 6 ADL's, LTC benefits can be triggered by a __________impairment
ASG's Founder & President
_________Illness Riders are similar to LTC Riders
ASG Was Acquired by this firm in December of 2019
____-_____Insurance is a way for an employer to protect themselves from the loss of a vital employee
ASG's Executive Vice President
ASG's Senior Vice President
Type of trust established to keep Life Insurance proceeds out of estate
A rider on a L.I. policy that allows access to benefits due to an illness
Life Insurance provides a great way to provide instant __________to cover estate taxes
Dividend Paying Life Insurance
Premiums on Stand Alone LTC policies are not___________
You can get Tax Free income from a L.I. policy by withdrawing to basis, then ___________
Income Annuities can provide income that a client cannot ___________
A rider that allows a refund of premiums paid on L.I. Policy