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RPYC History

Name the Club's first Commodore.
Who is pictured with Commodore Winterbottom at RPYC in 1930? The photo is displayed prominently in the passageway at RPYC.
Who was presented with the Inaugural Horace Rumble Service Award in 1978/79?
Name the Monarch who granted Perth Yacht Club the Title Royal.
Who was the last Captain Juniors?
What was the name of the yacht owned by Commodore Justice RB Burnside?
Vista won the Inaugural Power Boat Race in 1906. Who was the Skipper?
Club Captain became Captain Sail in 1970/71, who was the first Captain Sail?
Who is the Club's longest serving Associate Member?
What was the name of the Power Boat owned by Sir Charles Gairdner?
Who skippered the yacht Pastime in the inaugural Winterbottom Cup in 1923?
On Opening day in 1975, our flag ship of the day was the Attack Class Patrol Boat called HMAS ....
What class of Dinghies was introduced to RPYC in 1984?
Andy Roach was the first West Australian to win a National Yachting Title. Which Yacht was he sailing?
What class of DInghies was introduced to RPYC in 1929?
Vivienne of Stuan was owned by Bill Robertson Snr, what was her former name?
In 1903 RPYC was granted permission to fly what?
Who skippered Ruggard in the first Naturaliste Race in 1955?
Name the Yacht that won the first Diggers Cup in 1974.
Patrol Wing 10 occupied our Matilda Bay site during World War II. What class of aircraft did they fly?
Our earliest Governor's Cup sailed 1905/05 was won by Carter and Arnotts. What was the name of the Yacht?
The inaugural Cock of the Swan was won by?