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Oakland Zoo Birds, Advanced

Oakland Zoo conservation partner that rescues, cares for, and re-homes pet parrots.
Oakland Zoo conservation partner that helps many wild animals, including parrots.
Fischer’s Lovebirds are ____ nesters.
Pesticide used from the 1940’s -1960’s that caused eggshell thinning in Bald eagles & California Condors.
A group of birds intermediate between geese and ducks.
, A conservation partner that focuses on saving the California Condor population from extinction.
Group of birds that the Bald Eagles belong to.
The Lesser Flamingo eats by ___ ___.
Another word to describe a social bird.
Baby parrots hatch helpless and require parental care.
Parrots ingest this to help them eliminate toxins obtained by eating unripe fruit.
Throat pouch of the Malayan Wreathed Hornbill.
Egyptian Goose genus.
Type of symbiotic relationship the Cattle Egret has with large mammals.
Food of the California Condor.
A long soft feather or arrangement of feathers used by a bird for display.
The ridged part on the upper mandible of the Malayan Wreathed Hornbill.
The special name for some of the Blue-bellied Roller tail feathers
The Blue-bellied Roller is this type of specific carnivore.
Swahili name for the African Spoonbill.
The Hadada Ibis can be found around wetland ____.
The main predator of the emu.
Nests of the Lesser Flamingo are tall to prevent ____.
The Guira Cuckoo will ____, or preen other members of the flock.
Where the Hornbill Nest Project is based.
Color of the Cattle Egret’s egg.