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Oakland Zoo Birds - Advanced

Oakland Zoo conservation partner that rescues, cares for, and re-homes pet parrots.
Color of the Cattle Egret’s egg.
Food of the California Condor.
The ridged part on the upper mandible of the Malayan Wreathed Hornbill.
A group of birds intermediate between geese and ducks.
Where the Hornbill Nest Project is based.
Another word to describe a social bird.
The main predator of the emu.
Oakland Zoo conservation partner that helps many wild animals, including parrots.
The Lesser Flamingo eats by ___.
Type of symbiotic relationship the Cattle Egret has with large mammals.
Group of birds that the Bald Eagles belong to.
The special name for some of the Blue-bellied Roller tail feathers
Egyptian Goose genus.
A long soft feather or arrangement of feathers used by a bird for display.
Baby parrots hatch helpless and require parental care.
Fischer’s Lovebirds are ____ nesters.
Pesticide used from the 1940’s -1960’s that caused eggshell thinning in Bald eagles & California Condors.
, A conservation partner that focuses on saving the California Condor population from extinction.
Nests of the Lesser Flamingo are tall to prevent ____.
The Blue-bellied Roller is this type of specific carnivore.
Swahili name for the African Spoonbill.
Throat pouch of the Malayan Wreathed Hornbill.
The Hadada Ibis can be found around wetland ____.
Parrots ingest this to help them eliminate toxins obtained by eating unripe fruit.
The Guira Cuckoo will ____, or preen other members of the flock.