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Crossword Word Search Worksheet

Quarantine Fun!

Mayors ask that we ___ the guidelines
Degree that most doctors have
A new type of pickup offered by retail stores
Alternative to dine-In
CDC recommends going to the grocery less than once a ___
Large gatherings and ___ cancelled
Workers treated as ___ and expendable
I haven't used my ___ in so long the battery died
Type of garment in grave shortage (abbr)
Alternative to using a sink
Flattening it
Global well-being group
Stay ___
Common sound that now causes fear
Some men have chosen to ___ in order to get a better mask seal
A type of fever that even the healthy among us suffer from
Director and voice of reason in the fog
Grandparents are isolated from the rest of their ___
Possible animal source, but not certain
The story that 5G causes Covid is an urban ___
Brand of alcohol and gel thickeners
All night procession of Netflix
Inexplicably hoarded
If you can get some starter, you can ___ bread
Swab test body part
Thermometer checks for
Not a bacteria but a ___
Our savior, 18 months away
Frontline caregivers
Study of natural and physical world through experiments (abbr)
Technology behind the current test, and the abbreviation for Polymerase Chain Reaction
General term for C2H5OH, and a friend to many
Working from home, some women report no longer wearing a ___
SARS-Cov-2 gains entry to the ___ via ACE2
City where it started
Pizzerias now offering no-contact ___
Used to be used for just skiing or robbing
This pandemic disease name
Country of origin
Too many quarantine snacks makes everyone ___
Suddenly our most important gov. agency