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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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WWII Aircraft history

Rosie the Riveter worked on this aircraft
What country made the Spitfire
Also known as "Bent-wing Bird."
There is a museum dedicated to General Chennault in
The name of the group of black airmen
This type of engine was in the P-51
The Hellcat was nicknamed
Chennault's American Volunteer Group was popularly known as
The most expensive military project of World War Two was
General Chennault's name is
The first monoplanes to fly from U.S. carrier decks
What president flew an Avenger in war.
Name of aircraft that dropped the Atomic bomb on Hiroshima
The Curtiss dive bomber was know as
A primary trainer for the military was the
Hellcat emerged as the preferred ________fighter
The most famous Rosie appearing in the Post was painted by
This plane was built more than any other American airplane
Name given to a great pilot
This plane had the ability to throw 7,200 rounds of lead per minute!
The German dive bomber
What aircraft was built specifically to counter the Japanese Zero?
Developing the atom bomb is known as the
Name given to one of the B17
Grumman, Boeing, Douglas and Packard were instrumental in ____________ design
Types of aircraft in WWII include transports, bombers, trainers and