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Bird Nerd

There are 6 words related to this puzzle's theme hidden within the clues. See if you can find them all!
Expandable food pouch on neck
Some swallow live here
Short for green foods
Equipment used to auscultate heart
A group living together
Hunted by another
Rectrices are from this area on body
To flex a limb
Hawks need both to hunt
Inscribed rock at final resting spot
Dark outline of vulture
Domestic fowl
Family of young
US emblem
Individual studying avian species
Maggots have a distinct
Wise old
Eats snails
Very fast long wing
Sky creature's thumb
Order of perching avi
Medical condition of mythological Transylvanian
Enclosure for farm avian
Radio transmitter carried to track when out of sight
Opening to trachea
Used to capture for banding
Leading cause of death in smaller species
Process of taking to the air
Horny projection on mouth
To warm until hatching
Gulls have special glands to excrete this
Active at dusk and dawn
A modified forelimb
Uses when cautious
Global cookie company
Corresponding or similar in form and relations
Formed by bringing together again differently
Children behaving badly in amusing way
Warm blooded animal that lays round calcium deposits
Hair like feather with a few soft barbs near tip
Thick walled muscle used for digestion
Indian handheld weapons
Disney's ____ apprentice
Uses feet to kill food
Toxicity from eating foreign object made from this
To move from one location to another
Off white colored part of droppings
To bring up pellet