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Bird Terms

To produce a pellet
The place where a particular population normally lives
Lack of appetite
An animal that is hunted
process of tissue become hardened by the deposition of calcium salts
an abnormal state of unconsciousness
Animal with a backbone
The difference in appearance between two animals of the same gender
Subfamily characterized by soaring behavior, rounded wings and fanned tail
The fleshy covering of the upper mandible in birds
A common passage for all discharges in birds
A group of animals whose members are nearly alike and can interbreed
A round-shaped mask on nocturnal raptors, formed by very small feathers
The opening of the cloaca to the surface of the body
Active during the evening
A clinical condition in which volume of blood is lower than normal
infection of lungs or air sacs in birds
Funnel-like opening from the nasal cavity from the oral cavity in birds
Persisting for a long time
The transparent tissue on the front of the eyeball which covers the iris and pupil
The inspiratory sucking into the airways of fluid or foreign body
The absence of normal sensitivity to pain, typically, being in a semiconscious state induced through an anesthetic
Filing down a beak that is overgrown
A crackling of grinding of bone
A condition resulting from excessive loss of fluids
A machine which separates lighter portions of a solution from heavier portions.
Section of land, water or air claimed by an animal as its domain
A parasite that lives on the surface of the host
Most active at twilight hours
Short winged, long-tailed hawk
Sitting upon eggs to hatch by the body's warmth
Active during day
blind pouch at the junction of the small intestine and the large intestine
The opening to the bottom of the mouth leading to the trachea
The claws of a bird of prey
Inner most layer of eyeball