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The supposed spiritual parts human beings or gods, which survived (with the soul) after death and could reside in a statue of the person.
The opposite of amateur.
A fundamental state of matter.
Acronym for not only for profit.
A pool or collection of water.
Direct relationship.
A mammal with a truck named after a continent.
Present participle of an essential.
Sperm gets injected into an egg.
Not being present.
Clean women that are married to god.
An expression that implies that one said silly, hype, or something that should not be taken seriously.
Jewish ritual pointer.
House made of ice.
The small magical creature that takes children's teeth in exchange for money.
Small amount.
Similar to a deer.
Type of tree.
Name of king of Judah in the Bible.
We live in the milky way.
Comes from a pig.
A non-political, non-profit and non-governmental organization initiated in November 2006 by senior ex-government officials with expertise in environment, ecosystem management, forestry, wildlife, agriculture, livestock and community development.
This animal purrs.
Molecular formula of this is C2H6S.
The day the world ends.
A metal bucket that holds trash and remains.
Other word for object.
Spanish for sick.
Bison named after a continent.
Having compassion.
The body part you hear out of.
Opposite of close.
A large grey Australian crane.
Synonym of obtain.
A village and principal settlement of the commune of Kita Ouest in the Cercle of Kita in the Kayes Region.
In a new or different way.
This insect has eight legs.
Herbivores only eat this.
When someone proposes, they usually ask with this thing.
Number after zero.
Spanish for backslash.
Many women put this on their lips.
A snake bird.
Fish live in this.
Male human.
Painting, drawing, sculpting, etc.
Some people call their grandmother this.
Prefix meaning motion picture.
Didn't tell the truth.
Bone in the arm.
Circuits which produces an output signal only when there is not a signal on its input.
A soybean plant.
Shaggy haired wild ox.
The annoying insects that have a swatter named after it.
Usually a nickname of: ___uel or ___antha.
To get older.
Famous Mexican food.
A large-scale research effort conducted by the National Cancer Institute.
To be living, to be real.
A cereal plant.
A butterfly that has dark wings with bold colorful markings.
What horses eat.
When a llama and a camel make a baby.
A rule-based force field designed for modeling organic, inorganic, and organometallic systems.
Refering to clouds at ground level.
Similar to scratch.
A famous Shakespeare play.
A system of long-range navigation used chiefly in Europe that utilizes the phase differences of continuous-wave signals from synchronized ground transmitters to establish position.
Without a tail.
Lunch time.
An international, not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to represent the Span-European early stage investor community, gathering member organisations and individuals from Europe and beyond.
A large primate.
A river 279 miles long in Austria.
A style of rock music.
The largest labor union and professional interest group in the United States.