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Forbidden Planet Crossword

Robby adheres to this sci-fi author's "Three Laws of Robotics"
First Hollywood appearance of this risque garment worn by Anne Francis
Foliage from this "Oz" set can be found on Altair IV
Film props often reused in this classic sci-fi show (3 words)
King novel that references this film (2 words)
The film's only Oscar nom was in this category (2 words)
A Freudian concept, and the name of Forbidden Planet's monster
Bebe and Louis Barron provided the first___ score for any film
Naked Gun star (2 words)
Studio who lent animator Joshua Meador to this production
Film narrator wrongly predicts date of this space milestone (2 words)
Household appliance that inspired Robby (2 words)
Inspired "Trek" and "Wars" franchises
Often compared to this Bard play (2 words)
Favorite sci-fi film of this "Ice and Fire" novelist (full name)
Six Million Dollar Man actor (2 words)
Walter Pidgeon previously appeared in this 1942 Best Picture winner (2 words)
Film character who shares his name with Spider-Man villain
Director Fred M. Wilcox also helmed cinematic outing of this beloved canine