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Lepe Through History

HMS---, Naval name for Exbury House (8)
Ale house that preceded Lepe House (4,3)
18th century industry at Lepe (12)
Great ship that sailed past in 1912(7)
Voluntary group set up at Lepe in 2006 (7,2,4)
Era when Isle of Wight was formed(3,3)
Sir Thomas Lipton commissioned first of these elegant yachts (1,5)
Underground Cold War watchers (5,8,5)
Abbreviation for wartime spy school(1,1,1)
QE2 returned from this conflict in 1982(9,3)
Reason the coastguard cottages were built (9)
Famous seaplane race last held at Calshot in 1931 (9,6)
Authority established in the New Forest in April 2005 (8,4)
Wartime fuel supply line to France(5)
Author of locally based novel 'Requiem for a Wren'(5,5)
Name of house that once stood on Lepe Point (6,7)
Past name of the Lepe cafe (8)
Estate that owns majority of Lepe Country Park(7)