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LBJ National Historical Park Crossword #2

What region of Texas is the park located?
What was LBJ’s male Beagle’s name?
What college did LBJ attend? (current-day name)
The first person buried in the Johnson Family Cemetery was LBJ’s _____.
What was LBJ’s favorite holiday?
Which President succeeded Johnson?
How many siblings did LBJ have?
What was President Johnson’s father’s name?
What was LBJ’s favorite car that he owned?
There is a grove of these trees across the street from the cemetery.
What county is the LBJ Ranch in?
What building at LBJNHP did Johnson’s father give haircuts on the back porch?
What is President and Mrs. Johnson’s oldest daughter’s name?
How many phones did LBJ have installed in the Texas White House?
What branch of Americorps did Johnson pass into legislation?
How many miles separates the two parts of the park?
What species of tree is outfront of the Texas White House?
What was Johnson’s political party?
His election into the Senate was known as a
What is President and Mrs. Johnson’s yooungest daughter’s name?