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Backyard Birds

Beautiful and blue in coloring, known to be territorial
Large black bird with iridescent feathers
Reddish-orange chested songbird
Medium sized brown, gray, and yellow bird, named after a feature of it's wing tips.
A cheery drop of sunshine and a year-round resident in the Northern US.
A tiny bird with a long, straight, and very slender bill
Small bird with a spiky crest, no relation to a rodent
Live in organized, military units, led by the male with the biggest black patch.
Use their long, skinny bills to hammer against trees
Energetic little birds that prefer open woods and forest edges. Popular feeder visitors
Small bird found in open woodlands, farm land, and orchards.Named after it's color
Also known as "redbird" and is the most common State Bird
Known as "snowbird," as they've been known to suddenly appear as temperatures drop
Known for it's mimicking ability
Acrobatic bird, often spotted being perched upside down