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John & the Baptism of Jesus

The form the Holy Spirit took after Jesus' baptism.
One who saves us from a terrible fate.
Area in Israel where Jesus was from.
Capital city of Israel.
The third person of the Godhead.
The name of the southernmost region of Israel ruled by the Herod family
A descriptive word referring to the gentleness of Jesus
Insects John ate.
Jewish term for promised deliverer, leader and savior.
The process of turning from one's sins.
The Divine Creator of all things.
Name of the Son of God.
Stream of water flowing to the sea.
Term of endearment used by God to describe Jesus.
Immersion in water to wash away our sins.
Name of major river in Israel where Jesus was baptized.
Someone who is approved of God because of their heart and actions.
_____The Baptist, the one who would come before Jesus.
A place where God dwells.
Sweet tasting food made by bees, eaten by John the Baptist.