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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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These important organs are attached to the inside of the top of a turtle's shell
This lizard becomes immobile when the temperature drops below 40 degrees
The ____ outside the reptiles' eggs determines whether the eggs will hatch into a male or female
This reptile does not fully sleep
Largest (still living) reptile to be recorded so far (20 feet long)
Longest snake to be recorded
If this type of reptile gets caught by the tail, it can break off from the tail to escape
This type of Python can live up to 40 years
Reptiles evolved from these
Reptiles were the first of these-- vertebrate animals that lay their eggs on land or incubate their fetuses in the female's body
This type of tortoise can live up to 150 years
This type of reptile is from New Zealand
Most reptiles have this many chambers in their hearts
If this reptile gets stressed, the underside of its throat might turn black. It also eats its own skin after it sheds it.
Reptiles cannot regulate their own internal body temperatures. They are ____.
This reptile family is most closely related to birds
This is a word for when a reptile sheds its skin
Tiniest reptile to be recorded so far (under an inch)
Only continent where reptiles don't live
This is used to treat a snakebite
Largest order of reptiles, includes lizards, snakes, and worm lizards