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Maine History

During this war Maine was attacked by the French and Indians multiple times between 1675-1763.
This mithical lumberjack is claimed to be of Maine origin.
In 1876 it snowed on the 4th of July in this city.
This tribe of Panawahpskek Indians that are very well known in Maine. Having a county and river, that runs through the heart of the state, named after them.
This Commander (later a General) and his regiment lead the charge at Little Round Top 1863.
I lead.
This was a bloodless war with New Brunswick.
This compromise gave Maine its statehood.
A Maine native lost a presidential election to Grover Clevland.
1956 first american atomic submarine USS _________ launched at kittery-portsmith Naval shipyard
This town had the first Naval battle of the Revolutionary War.
The Capital of Maine.