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John Chapter 5

Afterward Jesus findeth him in the ____,
In the which all that are in the ____ shall hear his voice
Even ___, in whom ye trust.
But if ye believe not his _____
Called in the Hebrew tongue_____
And hath given him _____ to execute judgment also,graves
When _____ saw him lie
And therefore did the Jews ____ Jesus
Hath everlasting life, and shall not come into _____
And ____ the man was made whole
For as the ____ hath life in himself;
But hath committed all ____ unto the Son
That all men should ____ the Son
Jesus went up to _______
The ____ is coming, and now is,
But the ____ of the Father which hath sent me
I am come in my Father's name, and ye ____ not:
He that heareth my word, and _____ on him that sent me,
That ye have not the ____ of God in you.
And ye have not his word ____ in you
Nor seen his ___.
The man____, and told the Jews
But I receive not ____ from man:
In these lay a great multitude of ______ folk
But these things I say, that ye might be ____.
For Jesus had ____ himself away,
Unto the the ____ of life
Which had an ____ thirty and eight years
For He ____ of me.
And he that was _____ wist not who he was:
Search the ______
There is ____ that beareth witness of me,
_____, take up thy bed, and walk.
And _____ the water
Making himself ____ with God
And ye will not come to me, that ye ____ have life
But while I am ____ another steppeth down before me
And he bare witness unto the _____.
Take up thy bed, and ____ .
And ye were willing for a season to ____ in his light
That ye may _____
My ____ worketh hitherto and I work.