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Sweet Smell of Success (1957)

Answer to 20-across also in this film as an eccentric oil executive acquiring a small Scottish town (2 words)
SUCCESS appears on TV in this 1988 Best Picture winner (2 words)
A newspaper column reliant on hearsay, usually about celebrity types
Original cast member of Broadway's GUYS AND DOLLS (2 words)
Columnist who rose to prominence in the 1930s, thought to be an inspiration for J.J. Hunsecker (2 words)
__ campaign, to ruin a reputation
The Chico Hamilton Quintet's music genre of choice
NYC film locale that historically housed music industry offices and studios (2 words)
Cinematographer James Wong Howe won the Oscar for this other Burt Lancaster film based on a Tennessee Williams play (three words)
Actor who gives name to production company HHL and BMFI address (2 words)
CITIZEN KANE actor/director first considered for role of J.J. Hunsecker (2 words)
Film source material from this women's magazine, also a cocktail
Writer Lehman also wrote 1962 Best Picture winner, also set in NYC (3 words)
HHL production company made this Best Picture winner starring Ernest Borgnine
SUCCESS is the favorite film of this BREAKING BAD creator (2 words)
SUCCESS counted among this film critic's "Great Movies" list (2 words)
THE DEFIANT ONES (1959) is this actor's only Oscar-nominated role (two words)
In addition to J.J. Hunsecker's home, 18-across also used in this film starring Robert De Niro and a young Jodie Foster (2 words)
Director Alexander Mackendrick also directed this film, later remade by the Coens (three words)
SUCCESS counted among this boutique DVD collection