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Dog Safety

Discover Camp @Home Week One
Don't___ if you encounter a loose dog.
One way a dog communicates.
How to prevent more litters of puppies.
A baby dog.
Always ask before you____.
They help dogs who are loose or in trouble.
Stand tall if a dog does this to you.
What a scared dog might do.
Don't touch a dog when it is...
Just like you dogs love to play with these.
This is a dangerous place for a dog in summer.
The person you should ask before you pet.
This will help your dog get back to you if it is lost.
A reward you give a dog when it does what you ask.
Don't touch a dog when it is ...
If you find a lost dog have an adult bring it here!
Get an______to help with a lost dog.
A dog has a much better sense of this than you do!
It is an owners job to pick up their dogs...
Teaching a dog new skills is called:
Don't put your ____ near a dog.
Use this tool to help keep control of your dog.
It is important to be this when you touch a dog.
Another word for a canine
Be a...