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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Spelling Words: List D-1

Teacher: Mme Julie :)
Please _____ my classroom in silence.
The ______is dangerous this year.
We _____ to run this week.
white is the ________ of color.
As an adult you will be responsible for paying _____.
The baby ______ at the zoo stayed close to its mother.
I saw an ___________ on tv. It is ferocious.
If you have a positive ________, the challenges you face will not seem so bad. :)
This year is going to be ________.
Please ______your text on the computer.
All the balloons make the class look ______ for the party.
The river is moving at a ______ pace.
Can you help me hook the ______up to the back of the truck.
My mom carefully wrapped a ______ around my arm.
Homeworks on a Friday is kind of a ________ to me.
I ____ it when I said I was sorry.
Everyone is going ______ me?
Please write your name on this _____ of paper.
I have to try to eat an _______.
How do you ________ success?
Spelling is such a great ________ to learn new words :)
Open the _________carefully.
I ______ all my money last friday.
I try not to _____on negative thoughts.
There is a lot of books on the ______.