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John Chapter 13

Ye may _____ that I am he.
After that he poureth _____ into the bason,
I know whom I have _____:
Thou hast no ____ with me.
Jesus knowing that the Father had given all things into his _____,
He that is washed _____ not save to wash his feet,
But that the ____ may be fulfilled,
By this shall all ___ know that ye are my disciples,
But thou shalt ____ me afterwards.
For he knew who should ____ him;
For I have given you an ______,
The ____ being ended,
And when I have _____ the sop,
He then having received the sop went ______ out:
Dost thou wash my ______?
But also my hands and my _____.
Then the ____ looked one on another,
The ___ shalt not crow,
Ye are not all _____.
That ye ____ one another;
And laid aside his _____;
Till thou hast denied me ____.
Simon Peter therefore ______ him,
Ye call me ____ and Lord:
He then lying on Jesus' ____ saith unto him,
He was ______ in spirit,
A new _____ I give unto you;
What I do thou ______ not now;
And to wipe them with the _____ wherewith he was girded.
And shall ______ glorify him.
And he that _____ whomsoever I send receiveth me.
_____ are ye if ye do them.
Ye also ought to wash one _____ feet.
For some of them thought, because _____ had the bag,
Now is the Son of man ______,
For the servant is not _____ than his lord;
Now before the feast of the _____
Little _____,
That thou doest, do ______.
Now there was _____ on Jesus' bosom
Now no man at the table knew for what _____ he spake
I will ___ down thy life for my sake.
Having ____ his own which were in the world,